Our local schools are in jeopardy!

Missouri Constitutional Amendment 3 would:

  • Remove local control from our schools.
  • Force taxpayers to pay for costly standardized tests
  • Force teacher to focus on tests rather than authentic learning
  • Increase the number of standardized tests that students are subjected to.

Be informed and let your voice be heard!

What can you do?

  • Check with your local Community Teachers Association and see how you can help in their efforts to get the word out.
  • Share information about this destructive amendment with others. (Remember, never use school equipment or resources to do do. Always do it on your own time.)
  • Go to Protect Our Local Schools and sign up to get more information and make a donation to help get the word out.
  • Like the Proctect Our Local Schools Facebook page.
  • Follow the discussion on Twitter by following the hashtag #MONoOn3
  • View MSTA’s Toolkit.
  • View Talking Points.
  • Listen to MSTA’s Podcast with Mike Wood concerning Amendment 3.