General Procedures

Adopted by the South Central Region Teachers Association, Inc. Board of Directors

2005 to 2016

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The Board will continue this committee permanently.  Schools will  be divided among the board of directors.

Each CTA attending the Leadership Symposium will receive a $25 gift certificate.

When a person is appointed to replace a state board of director, they will complete the term of the original director.

SCRTA will support our Capitol Days events with a line item within region’s budget.

When financially possible, SCRTA will support all state initiatives on a case by case basis.  (e.g., Bunker Hill, Legislative Impact, etc.)

SCRTA will support a retiree event with a line item in the SCRTA budget. The Retiree Committee will plan this event.

Liability insurance will be carried by SCRTA.

A call list for inclement weather will be created.

Meetings will be at 5:30 p.m. on the third Wednesday of most months unless rescheduled.

The $500 grant winner will receive $250 up front and then the remaining $250 upon fulfilling the requirements of the grant. 

Retirees will not receive a bell unless they are in attendance at the SCRC Meeting. The Board will award a bell to each retiree present at the SCRC Meeting.

The Board will determine the calendar dates for the next year in March.

SCRTA will include in their budget money for the Impact Committee for people who come to interview candidates (mileage for the Impact chairperson and food for the attendees).

Educator of the Year and Friend of Education Awards letters and forms will be included in the President’s Packet sent out in February of each year.

An evaluation form will be provided at each Fall Meeting.

Board members will pay for their own meal at the Fall Meeting.

Meals will be paid by SCRTA for the following:  retirees, legislators, regional award winners, and state award recipients.

SCRTA will honor a Friend of Education, Elementary Teacher of the Year and Secondary Teacher of the Year at the Fall Meeting.  Each CTA can make one nomination for each category.

Each new member elected to the SCRTA Board will be provided a packet (constitution, bylaws, calendar, and duties) at the Assembly of Delegates.

Forms 1099 and 990EZ will be filed every year with the IRS.

The treasurer will reserve the rooms for the delegates from the South Central Board of Directors for the MSTA Convention excluding situations where MSTA is reserving their room or making reimbursement for those individuals.  The debit card will be sent with the President for this event.

The South Central Secretary will make the reservation with the debit card for the Leadership Symposium for the South Central President for one or two nights.

The Outstanding Educator of the year and grant applications deadline for application is May 1.

The South Central Board is now to provide door prizes for the Open Hearing/Assembly of Delegates.

We can post pictures of people participating in our events in public places if we make a disclaimer.

Impact donation is given at the Leadership Symposium.  Bunker Hill donation is given at the MSTA Convention.

Grant winners will receive the first payment at OH/AD and the second payment at the SCRC.

Friend of Education application deadline is February 1.

Educator of the Year application deadline is February 1.

New Professional Scholarship deadline is April 1.